• Just got this message…
    I have depression
    Thoughts about killing myself
    I think ur video saved me
    I need god
    So low…

    Just want to say, We all have a Warrior inside, We just need to wake him/her up and keep Fighting and Guaranteed If you can Fight you Can Win…( No one have Won anything in this World without Fighting…) Keep your Faith…[Read more]

  • Meerut is not just Rising, it is Rocking!
    19 Spotfixes in 19 weekends – this is so inspirational! Full marks to all involved for their commitment. Just imagine if every town and city in India did this! If Meerut can do it, so should everyone else.
    [Read more]

  • Just eight years ago, a teen-aged Jitu Rai was growing paddy, potatoes and corn on his family farm in a tiny village in eastern Nepal. And on Saturday he was standing on top of the podium, receiving India’s first gold medal of the 2014 Asian Games.

    As the medal hung from his neck, Rai, who was an image of calm in his pursuit of the 50m air…[Read more]

  • Jalsa, Mumbai               Sept  22,  2014             Mon  11:12 pm

    It is the course of nature ..
    When you have nothing, there is nothing to do … when you have something to do, there is so much that it almost seems like nothing .. work and its business keeps you strapped up in that mode of labour, and so long as there is commitment for the…[Read more]

  • When foreigners are offered a permanent job at NASA, the condition is that they should apply for and get a US Citizenship. Arun. P.V. who hails from from Manimala in Kerala, got an invitation from the American space research center NASA to work as scientist there. He had completed his M.Tech from Bhopal NIT and after a stint at the renowned Bhabha…[Read more]

  • Bangalore Schoolkids go SpotFixing!
    Students of Grade 4 & 5 of Sandeepani Academy of Excellence, Sompur Gate, Sarjapura, Bangalore lead by example. We salute the efforts of students and staff to positively influence their immediate environment. Hopefully some of us will get inspired to do the same in our locality.

  • There is no way you can Abuse something you Respect so much, When was the last time any of us Kissed and Touched the Money on our head with that much respect, Anyone ? So Please it's a request don't judge them by saying they might misuse money, We have no right to judge them… We could actually take a lesson from them on how to use money as they…[Read more]

  • Insurance scheme for domestic cooking gas (LPG) users cover Rs.40 Lacs for loss of life and injuries due to an accident with an LPG cylinder.The dealers have to pay the premium to the insurance companies.

    However, due to NIL awareness levels, no claims are lodged against Domestic LPG explosions.

    According to IOC Ltd Citizen Charter, the IOC…[Read more]

  • Actor Varun posted an update via facebook 1 day ago

    I will never forget in my life, the way he said "Khush Raho" [Stay Happy] from his soul… every single time i see and hear this I burst into tears… Never ever in my life i felt this inner happiness before… Many of you asked to give him a complete makeover… as he deserves for Fighting every limitation and struggle like a True Hero… We went…[Read more]

  • According  to me neither grading or marks both are useless, because no talent or education system can really Calculate what a single mind can do . it can just evaluate the amount of content remembered which is taught , but the real  talent is not just earned by marks or grades, its learned and Earned by Experiences.

    When someone tries to…[Read more]

  • Lets discuss everything about Vishnu here

  • Lets Discuss all about Lord Shiva in this forum

  • Narin Kura posted an update in the group Group logo of HinduismHinduism 1 day, 2 hours ago


    Tales of Dundeshwar and Damarukeshwar Linga from Skanda Purana

  • हिंदुत्व क्या है ?

  • Sunday morning, Lavelle Rd, Bangalore.
    Horses gallop on a road where BMW, Porsche & Harley sell their wares.

  • Shakuntala Devi, Popularly known as the Human Computer for her awesome ability to mentally solve complex mathematical problems.

    Without any formal education as a child, Shakuntala Devi had the ability to memorize and calculate numbers mentally. An ability her circus artist father discovered while playing cards with her, when she was just three.…[Read more]

  • Chennai is Rising!
    Kilpauk Medical College now has more hygienic surroundings – thanks to a group of committed Chennai citizens who dedicated 2 Sundays to create this transformation. SUPER JOB!
    More pics and details at Chennai Rising

  • Good morning, Logical Indians!

    The Indian Cricket Team's Facebook page has a whopping 19,748,416 likes. Bloody brilliant, we think ! However, our Football Team, also known as the Blue Tigers, has a mere 101,189 likes.

    How about we go show them some love, and bring up that like count? They have some amazing updates, with lots of insider pics…[Read more]

  • Paradip (Odisha) is Rising!
    We hope that this annual cleanup becomes a regular activity – say, once a month? Why don't you people do this once a month – on your own? Form a small team, pick a stretch of beach, and start next month! Or better still – this weekend!
    It costs nothing, and is such fulfilling fun.
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  •         Jalsa, Mumbai              Sept 21,  2014             Sun  11:08 pm

    Pink ear plugs in the ear .. in both .. the ones the little one thinks are toys to be played .. dark curtains, cuddly pillows, thoughts of a long night and rest for the coming Sunday .. the works to be undertaken .. interviews to be written and sent … birthdays to…[Read more]

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