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How was your experience visiting India as a foreign tourist?

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If you are a foreigner who has visited India as a tourist or currently visiting India, can you please share your experience here in our country.
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asked Oct 18, 2013 in Travel & Places by Indian Enthusiast (7,900 points)   11 33 63

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14 Answers

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I have visited India for the first time in 1980, and so many times after ( I even could not say how many times). Sometimes I traveled by myself, sometimes I guided groups from Holland. I have traveled most states, traveled from Dharamsala to Trivandrum, and all states in between, and loved it all.The more often I visited India, the deeper I felt connected to it. As a tourguide I had to learn a lot about the history, culture, religion. And the learning never stops. The more one learns, the more one gets fascinated by all there is to know, understand and feel about India. As you may understand, I have seen incredible changes in these past 33 years. Some for the better, some for the worse. Polution has increased, and when I visited India last year after not having been there for a while, I was seriously hurt by seeing the indifference of many people regarding the polution. Mother India should not be treated like that. Further on I hope that young Indians in this so rapidly developing India, will not forget about their culture and will not just adopt western habits and western likings. India has so many cultural elements which are so interesting and beautiful, to offer.  Indian culture is rich, beautiful and profound and I certainly hope it will not get traded for superficial western materialism. This all be said with intense and sincere love to India.
answered Oct 19, 2013 by Ellen  
selected Oct 20, 2013 by
Your concerns regarding Indian culture are appreciable and just so you gain a little peace of mind, I want to let you know that a lot of youth has begun to feel that way lately. Regarding pollution, nothing much can be done yet but hopefully things will change in the near future.
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INDIA is an incredible place to be. Many of a times I wish I was born in India, but knowing the true fact that my ancestors are from india and that is my origin makes me feel proud from within. Awesome food, lively, colorful and a place I never want to miss visiting every year. THAI MANNE VANAKAM !
answered Oct 19, 2013 by brntha  
its tamil language he/she used atlast
She's saying Salute to my motherland or Matrabhumi Pranam.
Thank you. I speak Tamil.
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I've been to India twice and fell in love with it. The people had so much hospitality, even when they had little, they would always offer chai or food. I was invited to one woman's home, and her mother and grandmother cooked us lunch. Obviously it was the best Indian food I've ever had.

In general, somethings fit stereotypes, like the autoricks driving, and no one driving within the lanes, or men urinating on buildings/sidewalks. But my experiences overall were a wonderful immersion of the culture. I will come back when I can. I was in Bangalore and would love to return. I've also, since, met many people from Hyderabad and would love to visit Andhra Pradesh.

Thank you for your kindness. There is much we can learn from your hospitality.
answered Oct 19, 2013 by Erin  
edited Oct 19, 2013 by ®mayank_pandey
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I visited India a few years ago. I had always been fascinated by the history and beauty of this amazing country. What struck me was the humility and caring of the people I met. I visited New Delhi, Agra, Mumbai and Goa. I was blown away by the beauty of India. I loved the smells, colours, that all of life was here, in this truly amazing country. Everyone I met was helpful, kind and caring. I'm hoping to visit again soon.
answered Oct 19, 2013 by Rhonel Stoltz  
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One of the many friends I've made in Kerala asked me why I love India so much - really difficult to put into words, but partly it's the awareness of the spiritual, the depth and diversity of history and culture, the wildlife and wonderful landscape, the colour, the sun, the amazing food, but most of all it's the genuine friendliness and hospitality of the people. There are things about it that break my heart, things that really annoy or frustrate me - but, as a friend has described - it's become my 'beloved India' :-) I've made so many lovely friends over the years - just wish I could stay for longer and more often.
answered Oct 19, 2013 by Anna  
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Been to India 3 times, and will be back! I loved the people, the nature, the FOOD...!

Fell in love with New Delhi, that city will forever be in my heart! And the South was beautiful. For me, best moment was to sit in the evening on a beach in Tamil Nadu while an local old man explained to me in broken english their village's religious tradition. I got to assist in a ceremony and meet the brahmins. It was something to remember.

Fellow indians, you truly have an !ncredible India. ;-)
answered Oct 19, 2013 by Vincent  
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India... a great country. My ancestors are from Gujarat and so I always visit this side of India. Very tranquil and home away from home. The farmlands, the sweet smell of mangoes and a general sense of India being the unique country it is. I've been to Mumbai and the south of India. Mumbai is my favourite city. The nightlife. The sightseeing and the general fast pace of life. This is a city truly exploited during the British rule. Love it. South India is unique in its own way. The highways lined with palm trees and food eaten from a banana leaf always tastes good. Kerala is my favourite place. I had never seen so many palm trees in my life than i did here. India will always be a mother to me. Jai Hind!
answered Oct 19, 2013 by Pravin Kerai  
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India is my favourite country to travel in. I have been to about 25 different countries. Very chaotic places but very mystical and full of adventure. I was there in 1990 for six months. Am going back this January 16th for six weeks.

Avatar Image answered Dec 13, 2013 by Kazimiro Krechowicz Newbie (160 points)   1
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Went there twice.. 1st as a vacation. Sorry to say this.. Realy regret! With the bad smells in the bus.. With ppl who r passing urine at the road side.. Next to tea shop.. Omg! Pity of the kids there.. They chase us for money.. Went to madurai meenakshi amman temple.. Wil b allowed only if pay xtra..(wtf) ony wan sing dollar.. Hahaha! alot of -ve xperience.. Dowan to spoil the country name somemore..:-(

the 2nd time.. Went for a funeral..(obligated)
answered Oct 19, 2013 by Luking for a change  
It's not tradition or culture. Hinduism allows everyone to participate and be part of it. A friend of mine who's a Hindu but white was not allowed in Kerala's Guruvayur. So do you want Hinduism to be racist as well? Only Indian looking people can be Hindus? All these new regulation and rules are made by ignorant, conservative people with no forward thinking in the name of the religion. Show me where in Hindu sacred texts - Vedas, Upanishads or even the Gita it is said a white man cannot be a Hindu or non-Hindu can't enter the temple?
sorry i didnt briefly explain you.. iam from madurai.. no people other than hindus are not allowed to enter into the main place where lord shiva or meenakshi is placed.. iam an hindu and no people will allow to see lord.. thats it
So what do you think? It is ok?
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I will be visiting New Delhi in December and I am really looking forward to my trip. I am there for a family wedding but apart from that I am looking forward to vist the historical monuments, explore the Delhi nightlife and shop for some traditional Indian clothes. I have heard that there is a formula one race track close to the city, anybody knows how far it is and can you commute on the public transit to get there. Also, how reliable is the public transit in general? Which is the best place to take a hotel room at? Is the downtown area lively on the weekdays as well?  I am also planning to volunteer for CRY but just wondering which would be the best location to volunteer at? Also, any other tips for making my experience better would be much appreciated.
answered Oct 19, 2013 by Nafny  
Hi Naffny, can you please ask this as a separate question under the travel category? You should see more responses then. In fact if you have the time I would urge you to ask multiple questions for others benefit as well instead of asking many together in one.  Once you do that delete this. Thanks.

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